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A Q&A with Applied Blockchain

April 6th, 2017 / / 2017, Featured Insights
  1. Why are you the FinTech startup to watch at the Innovate Finance Global Summit’s inaugural Pitch360? 


Many companies are talking about enterprise blockchain applications, but very few are making real progress on the ground. Applied Blockchain, with its unique enterprise framework and experience, has developed over 10 real world applications for startups and corporates. Applied Blockchain was recently selected by Gartner as one of only four FinTech start-ups world-wide for its Blockchain report.



  1. What new technology do you think will revolutionise the financial landscape and have the greatest impact? 


We believe that many financial services could be re-engineered more efficiently using the new paradigm offered by blockchain technology.

As a maturing technology, certain aspects are production ready, while others are not. We focus on getting value from the currently mature aspects, while engineering for the future as the technology matures.



  1. What is the key barrier you have found when trying to scale your business? 

We’ve grown our team from 2 to 10 in less than twelve months without investment – so we haven’t yet encountered growth barriers. We may at some point require investment as we increase our focus on product.



  1. Which region do you think is leading the way in FinTech right now and why? 

London is great, as it is both a large and strategic business and financial services hub, as well as cultural centre that attracts young technical talent from around the world. London has also enjoyed organic growth as a leading blockchain technology hub.




  1. What do you think is the greatest challenge the FinTech sector faces in 2017? (max. 100 words)

Regulation. As the regulator becomes more forward thinking, and takes into account the needs of customers and investors, new regulation has the potential to open up markets to new technologies and business paradigms as well as new market participants, and we see blockchain as one of the key technology enablers in this regard.

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