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WealthDunk, the UK’s first comparison service for on online investment managers, has launched!

April 11th, 2017 / / Featured Insights

WealthDunk is launching the UK’s first comparison service for online investment managers (aka. robo-advisors). WealthDunk’s mission is to help people make better financial decisions by developing their understanding of how they can invest their money. Through WealthDunk, individuals can compare and choose the most suitable online service to start building their investment portfolio. WealthDunk has established partnerships with all of the UK’s major online investment managers.

Robo-advisors are personalised wealth management providers for the modern age, offering a low cost, transparent and hassle-free way of having your money managed by expert investors. Their automated, algorithm-based portfolio management offer unique advantages over traditional methods helping more  people than ever achieve their financial  goals.

The market for robo-advice has grown at an astonishing rate since emerging at the end of the last financial crisis. In that time, a wide range of different service providers have come to market, offering consumers a large but overwhelming range of options to choose from. WealthDunk aims to demystify the offerings available and become the go-to online resource for information on online investment managers.

WealthDunk’s comparison tool for online investment managers is the company’s first product to launch. The company plans to launch additional products to help consumers navigate the evolving FinTech landscape, educating them on products and services and connecting them with these exciting new developments.

For further information, please visit or contact WealthDunk at:

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